Bipartite Patella X-Ray


Bipartite Patella X-Ray

Unfused accessory ossification center

Superolateral Aspect of Patella

2% of the population.

Bilateral = 43%

Men more than Women

Usually incidental finding

Usually asymptomatic

2% of patients experience symptoms (anterior knee pain)

Less commonly there can be Tripartite or Multipartite

Fracture versus Bipartite Patella

Superior lateral location = more likely Bipartite Patella

Osseous remodeling at Ossicles Interface = more likely Bipartite Patella

Prior Xrays of the Knee will Extremely Helpful

Clinical History such as Mechanism of Injury and/or Location of Site of pain will be helpful to Differentiate between Bipartite patella versus Fracture.

If there is a persistent suspicion for Fracture or if there is clinical concern for pain arising from presumed Bipartite Patella then MRI is the tool of choice to evaluate for secondary findings which will help demonstrate findings of acute fracture versus Bipartite Patella.


Remember- “The Eyes Will Not See What The Brain Does Not Know”