Avoid the Easy Button

Is This a NORMAL Xray of the Hand? No? I Agree.

But it was read as normal when a Radiologist “Hit the Easy Button” = “Macro Normal Right Hand”

This patient complained of hand and wrist pain. The patient’s pain appears to be from their severe midcarpal row arthritis with apparent bone on bone at the capitate-scaphoid articulation. There is also evidence of prominent chondrocalcinosis.

Please remember that although there is no fracture evident on the x-ray, it does not mean there is no pathology that might be the cause of the patient’s pain.

Most importantly, ALWAYS remember:

The x-rays we read are someone’s PARENT, CHILD and/or SPOUSE.  These are people asking for our help.

As physicians, we owe it to our patients to describe ALL the findings on the x-rays. In particular, the findings that could be a cause of the patient’s symptoms. Even if no history is given to us, we need to describe the findings present. Those findings might be the first positive finding given to the clinician that will then lead to the care and possible cure of our patient.