OSHA’s Final Rule on Respirable Crystalline Silica Standards

OSHA Rule Premier

Are you ready for the new respirable crystalline silica standard by OSHA? A new rule from OSHA taking effect in September may require individuals who work in construction, general industry and maritime, and the hydraulic fracturing industries to have chest x-ray reads by a NIOSH certified B-Reader. OSHA’s final rule to protect workers from exposure to respirable crystalline silica requires engineering controls to keep workers from breathing silica dust. The rule goes into effect on September 23, 2017. This affects 2 million construction workers nationwide.…

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PRSWEB14 (1)

  Can tele-radiology act like a traditional practice based radiology? When it comes down to it, all radiology is tele-radiology, as long as a digital feed is transmitting to the radiologist reading station. Tele-radiology is the transmission of patient images, such as x-rays, CTs and MRSs, to an offsite location where the medical images are interpreted by a radiologist. Through this process, images can be sent to another part of the hospital, or another part of the world. Today the number of radiologist that are…

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Premier Radiology Services ^ Redesign


Our brand ambition is to not only be known for being a valuable resource in the radiology community but to be known as providing a first-class radiology solution to our customers and their patients. Premier Radiology Solutions is taking ownership of issues that are driving our industry forward. By owning these issues, by owning these ideas and responding Premier is providing more resources in a more accessible way, through the alignment of how world-class organizations deliver value to clients,  stakeholders, and patients. Since the beginning, Premier Radiology Services…

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