Gil Patino


Gil Patino, is a Co-founder and Director of Operations of Premier Radiology Services.

Premier was established in 2006 to help patients obtain diagnostic reports in a timely manner and directly influence their level of care. To accomplish this Gil knew it was necessary to create and manage a PACS platform that would allow Radiologist to solely focus on what they do best, Producing quality diagnostic reports, NOT having to deal with the everyday distractions of the radiology world.

Gil’s dedication and commitment is to drive the operational side of Premier Radiology Services to achieve the highest level of quality interpretations in tele radiology.  Gil’s talent creating workflows, developing information technology, as well as optimizing the company’s performance and efficiency allow him to lead Premiers efforts to continuously improve.  His enjoyment of teaching and training allows him to develop understanding and relationships with staff, radiologists as well as clients every day.

Gil’s initial entry to the diagnostic world was as an MRI marketing representative for an MRI facility in Miami, Florida.  As a representative in the MRI services industry he learned the functionality of the PACS platform and excelled in his market and became a highly sought after talent in the area because of his strategy and marketing expertise. It was in this capacity that Gil met and partnered with the like-minded Drew Gaudet and their partnership continues today as the business partners and original co-founders of Premier Radiology Services. Gil developed a deep interest in the technology aspects of the PACS environment after seeing first-hand the disconnect between the MRI facilities, diagnostic Radiologists, Referring Physicians and ultimately the patients. He was among the first MRI companies that utilized their PACS system to bring the images directly to the Referring Physician offices of which Gil was an important catalyst for.  The decision to create Premier Radiology services was born out of the recognition of the gaps and inefficiency that the co-founders saw in the system which was supposed to be working toward the goal of patient care, but often fell short.  Premier continues to strive to bridge the gaps in the tele radiology industry to deliver premier patient care.

Born and raised in Queens, NY Gil quickly learned the art of adapting to your environment as he worked in his father’s various companies in the U.S. and abroad gaining international knowledge and expertise.  He currently resides in Miami, Florida at Premier Radiology’s corporate headquarters. In his time off he enjoys travel to places around the world that enrich his knowledge of different cultures, technologies and processes.