Going the Extra Mile: Lagniappe

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Lagniappe: Something given as a bonus or extra gift.

An environment where patients and administrators feel comfortable every step of the way should be a given. All tele-radiologists should offer continued assistance to achieve complete confidence from all parties. It’s more than just scans and images, it is a privilege to provide the support and care that everyone deserves.

The bottom line is for patients to have the best service possible. Every patient is different so each imaging examination should be uniquely tailored to ensure the highest level of diagnostic performance, image quality, and patient safety. Passion is always the true bottom line to the patient experience.

Lagniappe leads to performing more and better service then expected with the belief that you deserve a complete, first-class radiology solution. This principle is a large part of the philosophy and provides the foundation for how Premier operates. Premier is always willing to go the extra mile.

Dedication is key to providing a customized solution to meet your needs to help relieve stress associated with the management of all support services critical to patient imaging.  Premier Radiology Services (PRS) will be with you every step of the way from software and hardware technology, imaging protocols, credentialing paperwork, information technology expertise, referring MD/technologist education, etc.

Premier is focused on the success of their clients and lagniappe is what naturally flows, always giving you and your patients a little something extra. Unlike typical tele-radiology businesses, PRS offers ^Continuity of Care. That means that scans go out, reads come in, and your designated tele-radiologist remains on call for any additional support your patient or practice may need.