Kenneth Fortgang


Dr.Fortgang has been with Premier Radiology Services almost since its inception.  He has brought a blend of high quality radiology skill, with a keen sense of the direction of health care. Early in his career he did a Surgical internship followed by a radiology residency and then a fellowship in Interventional Radiology.  Seeing this side of things rooted him in the understanding of how the roll of the radiologist is directly connected to the wellbeing of the patient. After a stint as chief resident at Los Angeles County Hospital/ University of Southern California he was brought to South Florida to augment an interventional practice at a radiology group that grew to cover several hospitals and facilities that provided both level 1 and 2 trauma coverage.  Over time Dr. Fortgang became Vice president of the group, started a MSO, and continued to practice radiology.  For several years he was Chief of Radiology at a 300 bed hospital. In this roll he researched and recommended equipment as well as developed protocols and participated in the hiring practices and building a first class radiology department. As a physician in a trauma practice his decisive nature and eagerness to continue to learn has given him a firm foundation for building a top class teleradiology practice. The nature of interventional radiology is all about decisions and actions that need to be rapid and correct. This mentality fits well with Dr. Fortgang’s eagerness to embrace new technologies as well as maintaining core competencies. He provides skilled readings in MSK studies, neuroradiology studies, body imaging studies and B reads.  The doctor is comfortable in consultation with referring physicians and other providers.

Dr. Fortgang also has continuing experience in legal work which grew out of an interest in what drives medical malpractice claims.  The legal work has grown to include plaintiff and defense work as well as a work product called Age of Injury (AOI).

As a partner in the PRS, Dr. Fortgang is creating a new type of radiology group.  We call it a Virtual Radiology Group.  While we do not work side by side as many did in a hospital, we feel strongly that collegial practice provides the best service and resulting outcomes for our patients.  We consider that we are not only reading studies, but are truly practicing medicine and have a huge input in our patient’s outcome. We strive to elevate the real and perceived quality of any facility, center, or company by doing our best and taking excellent care of the patient.  As Premier’s Medical Director, Dr. Fortgang problem solves daily and reviews our radiologists work at all levels of QA. At the same time, we understand that the practice of medicine is evolving and we need to provide a continued best service at less cost. Dr. Fortgang has consulted on and engaged in creating our state of the art technology platform.  This technology platform is augmented by our professional staff.  Dr. Fortgang feels strongly that we always need to improve our systems and service and works hard to make that a reality. His and our goal is always excellence in everything we do.