Meet the Medical Director Dr. Kenneth Fortgang

Kenneth Fortgang, M.D., Principal

As Medical Director at Premier Radiology Services, it is my duty to make sure we provide quality medical services in conjunction with the quality business service we provide. We ensure that our physicians are doing proper interpretations and companies are providing us with proper imaging and correct information.

At Premier Radiology Services, as a medical director and physician, we maintain conversations at a medical level for the physicians and providers. This way, when a patient goes to an urgent care or a diagnostic center it is their understanding that the radiologist will be able to interpret their imaging with the correct knowledge to diagnose.

We produce very focus reports that are helpful to the patient as well as the physician, answering their questions. In doing this, we strive to meld our corporate culture with other corporate cultures in order to provide the best service for the patient. Not only the patient our priority, but the business entity providing services to the patient as well. We provide premier services for a premier product that will end up being the best for the customer in all regards.