Nikki Sosa












Growing up in a military family, Nikki had the fortune of traveling throughout Europe as an impressionable young lady.  Already bilingual in English and German, she also learned to speak French, Spanish and some Arabic before graduating high school with dreams of becoming a translator for NATO in the Air Force.  While her career in the military did not come to fruition, she certainly owned up to her abilities as a translator in surprising and fantastic ways.

Nikki’s professional journey is one of multifaceted and diverse administrative assisting that spans 35 years and is based on her intuition and affinity for humanity.  From her beginning at Alabama’s first racially integrated civil rights law firm in the capitol of Montgomery to her work with government agencies and major corporations to showcasing her talents and providing energetic support in the field of healthcare, Nikki’s main focus remains to have a positive impact on the end-user.  Nikki’s mottos are 1) We’re not just offering a service, we’re an integral part of the patient’s course of care; 2) Let’s stop regarding people as numbers and start honoring them as fellow human beings; 3) Whatever you send into the universe comes back…choose wisely.

Nikki is a three-time cancer survivor, the mother of two exceptional young men, the wife of a wonderful man and the soon-to-be-first-time grandmother of a magical little girl.  She resides in Florida next to a lake within a bird sanctuary where she creates art from recycled items, writes, and provides energetic healing sessions to those in need.  Nikki also works remotely for Premier Radiology Services as a night shift supervisor and human resources facilitator in her spare time with an emphasis on helping team members realize their full potential for the betterment of themselves and the company’s end-users.