Patient Care


^Patient Care

The Bottom Line at Premier

To provide the best service to our patient, our advanced imaging capabilities are matched by a rigorous operational utilization process. Every patient’s imaging examination is uniquely tailored to ensure the highest level of diagnostic performance, image quality, and patient safety. Our passion is always the true bottom line: the patient experience.

^Opportunities are waiting for you, to join in our passion and help shape our leading tele-radiology company.

Highly trained and skilled imaging specialists with state of the art technology are committed to providing a quality experience in a safe environment. Utilizing cutting edge imaging equipment, we are dedicated to providing a unique patient experience. We have a skilled team of caring specialists and a robust offering of services fully coordinated with medical care.

Reduced wait time, with access to our signature 24 hour turnaround and secure online report access, ensures fast, high-quality radiology services for patients.


At PRS, we guarantee a first-class radiology solution.

• Professional Interpretation, Consultation and Direction for all Imaging Modalities
• 24/7 Teleradiology Coverage with FINAL reports electronically signed
• Onsite Procedural Staffing (as appropriate)
• Onsite Workflow analysis and recommendations
• Custom Technology Solutions designed to minimize cost