Premier Radiology Services ^ Redesign

Our brand ambition is to not only be known for being a valuable resource in the radiology community but to be known as providing a first-class radiology solution to our customers and their patients. Premier Radiology Solutions is taking ownership of issues that are driving our industry forward. By owning these issues, by owning these ideas and responding Premier is providing more resources in a more accessible way, through the alignment of how world-class organizations deliver value to clients,  stakeholders, and patients.

Since the beginning, Premier Radiology Services has been dedicated to filling a service void in the industry. Our dedication to world class customer service in tele-radiology has grown to what we describe today as premier continuity of care, and it defines the premier advantage of working with our team. We will not accept anything less than the best e-service experience, and believe that by doing business online, you should sacrifice nothing when comparing to services received at a local office. Continuity of care means that Premier provides expert sub-specialized and “B” reader evaluations for your patients not just once, but over and over again from the same pair of eyes, from the initial scan until diagnosis. This is just one way that Premier elevates the tele-radiology field to a whole new ball game, and earns the title of premier care. That’s why today, we are introducing to you our new symbol of Premier care.


Premier Radiology Services invites you to join us in recognizing this e-symbol synonymously as a direct interpretation of a special term known to our team as Lagniappe. Our Premier Promise to you is to continue to strive for this extra level of customer care in a field that is lacking in personal touch and individualized care. Premier Radiology Services is ^.

Every now and then your website needs a bit of a makeover. Along with the re-branding, Premier refreshed our website to create a platform with our clients in mind.  Our goal was to create a space that was easy to navigate and find exactly what clients are looking for.  The newly redesigned Premier website offers quick and easy access to essential information. The site features a more comprehensive understanding of Premier’s innovative voice in radiology. The new website has a clean design with improved functionality. The site also has enhanced rich content with robust information for the end user. Visitors are encouraged to explore the website and come back frequently for new and current information.