^Rad Relations


Announcing the NEW

“Vice President of ^Rad Relations”

At Premier Radiology Services

Booming growth at Premier is leading to an exciting time of change. Embodying our commitment to Premier Customer Care has never been more important, as our network is continuing to expand. Organization, relationships, connections, and service continue to be at the fore front of our business philosophy. Tele-radiology with remote staff is not always conducive to the Premier mission we strive for. That is why we are happy to announce the addition of a new role to be filled by the talented Sarah Yu, as Vice President of ^Rad Relations.


What Does This Position Mean for ^Customer Care?

Sarah will be managing recruiting, on-boarding, training, QAing, scheduling, consulting, updates, performance reviews, and anything concerning the relationships between clients, radiologists, and the whole ^team. Sarah’s additional responsibilities as the Manager of Mobile Operations allow her the unique position to bridge the gap between customer feedback and ^procedures. Her passion for the job make her the ideal candidate to implement personalized change to keep all facets of Premier Radiology running smoothly. Close evaluation of all feedback will ensure that as Premier grows, we are moving in the right direction and staying connected with what (and who) matters most!

Building relationships with radiologists and clients is not always easy.

Sarah is dedicated to making others happy. Her drive to finding solutions to recurring problems goes beyond the workplace. It is her way of life, and one that makes her a natural fit for the job. We all benefit from her talent and expertise! Several goals at the top of Sarah’s list include:

• Catching up on credentialing.
• Making and completing organized files on all radiologists.
• Addressing issues with radiologists to ensure we are working with a premier team.

Congratulations Sarah! We can all take note of the great success that comes from genuine passion for what you do. Let’s all embody this mission and do our best to make Premier the best in tele-radiology!