PRS Team Photo
James Sindija
Director of Sales
James is the National Sales Director for Premier Radiology Services. James' keen understanding of operational management has helped him focus on the unique needs of his clients in a variety of markets. Emphasizing customer service has helped ensure the services provided through Premier reflect a "patient first" mentality. Continue Reading
Nakia Gause
Practice Manager
Nakia is the rhythm of the company – or in layman’s terms “Practice Manager.” Nakia has always kept close to heart the morals her grandmother instilled in her such as “always treat people how you want to be treated, people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Nakia is industrious in her position and is very proud of the work she does. Continue Reading
Shera Rivera
Account Executive
Jessica Chiiu-Hung
Client Relations
Amber Ramirez
Client Relations
Stephanie Hendrix
Client Relations
Nikki Sosa
Night Shift Supervisor
Growing up in a military family, Nikki had the fortune of traveling throughout Europe as an impressionable young lady. Already bilingual in English and German, she also learned to speak French, Spanish and some Arabic before graduating high school with dreams of becoming a translator for NATO in the Air Force. While her career in the military did not come to fruition, she certainly owned up to her abilities as a translator in surprising and fantastic ways. Continue Reading