Can tele-radiology act like a traditional practice based radiology?

Premier Radiology Services Tele-radiologyWhen it comes down to it, all radiology is tele-radiology, as long as a digital feed is transmitting to the radiologist reading station. Tele-radiology is the transmission of patient images, such as x-rays, CTs and MRSs, to an offsite location where the medical images are interpreted by a radiologist. Through this process, images can be sent to another part of the hospital, or another part of the world. Today the number of radiologist that are actually onsite are dramatically decreasing. And that may actually be a good thing for reasons ranging from cost, to specific expertise, to controlled continuity of care.

The question remains, can tele-radiology act like a traditional practice based radiology?

Tele-radiology at Premier Radiology ServicesThe practice of tele-radiology is becoming implemented by hospitals, urgent care clinics and specialty imaging companies to addresses lack of staff to provide radiological coverage within particular specialties. It can also mean savings for facilities that may have a small volume or that requiring 24/7 services.

Tele-radiology can improve patient care, particularly when the focus on sub-specialty radiology is concerned, by allowing radiologists to provide services without actually having to be at the same location of the patient. Tele-radiology allows for trained specialists to be available 24/7, helping with obtaining a qualified opinion for diagnosis any time day or night.

Early on tele-radiology companies aimed to help small practices at night or provide some expertise for specialties. However, the availability of quality telerad companies has created much needed competition with the local radiology groups and thereby helping to decrease the overall cost of healthcare. This has accelerated the demand for and acceptance of tele-radiology across the world. The Radiologists working with these companies often have very little contact with the referring physicians, and no contact with patients. But even this is changing. The ability for tele-radiologists to build personal relationships with referring physicians has developed through the right combination of communication tools, and the conscious decision to foster those relationships on a daily basis marks a tide shift in the telerad equation.

Premier Radiology Services is working to develop just such a connection the referring doctors and their teams. Premier is all about giving their clients that little something extra. That something extra takes shape in the Premier patient care that we strive to provide. We follow that patient care with premier customer care that supports our clients 24/7 with dedication and personal touch. This starts by ensuring business practices that allow our team to take a journey, from that first scan to the final diagnosis and beyond. It’s about more than just expert insight, sub-specialty expertise, 24/7 service, and mobile access. Premier offers a promise. Partnering with tele-radiology doesn’t have to feel like doing business with a computer. With Premier, you’re doing business with a team you can count on.