Urgent Care/ Occupational Medicine

Are your radiology reads taking the urgency out of your urgent care?

Your patients shouldn’t have to wait for important medical information, and with Premier’s help – you don’t have to make them. Small staff and a lack of dedicated funds can impede on your clinic from being everything it could be. Is your business meeting or exceeding the expectations of it’s patients? Partnering with Premier Radiology Services empowers your clinic to achieve greater success, through our 24/7 radiology and cardiology services, and 24/7 mobile access and customer support.
Does your clinic lack the staff or funds to offer the patient support and customer service that you know you desire? At Premier, average read turnaround time is under just one hour. This is a promise that every urgent care clinic should be able to make to their patients. Our commitment to you is a commitment you can make to your community.

Our Promise

Our promise to you is something you can be confident in guaranteeing to others:

• Average Turn-around Under 1 Hour
• 24/7 Radiology Services
• 24/7 Cardiology Services
• 10+ Years Experience
NIOSH “B” Reader Certified


Subspecialized Radiologists

US-Based Nationwide Redundant State Licensed

With over 10 years of subspecialty experience, Premier Radiology Services has built a brand that you can trust, and a brand that your patients can rely on. We make your business a personal matter, and pride ourselves in a premier level of care that you can’t find elsewhere. Our services differ from other tele-radiology companies in the ^continuity of care we provide with patient imaging.

Our board-certified Radiologists are fellowship trained in the following sub-specialties:
• Body Imaging
• Musculoskeletal
• Neurological
• Women’s Imaging
• Interventional

What Does Continuity of Care Mean at Premier?

Continuity of care at Premier Radiology Services means that from the initial scan, to diagnosis and beyond, a personal relationship is formed from a single Radiologist on our talented team. This extra level of attention and commitment not only offers a more personal approach to tele-radiology care, but it also allows Radiologists to serve you to the their maximum potential by being able to form a more real doctor-patient relationship, remotely. So how did we do it? This commitment to continuity of care would not be possible without the most talented team of dedicated radiologists available.

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