What is a B Reader?

NIOSH Certified

B Readers are a type of classification of professionals who, through training and written and oral exams, examines chest x-rays to provide interpretation determining if the patient has an occupational related disease.

The original type of B Read had to do with coal miners, however it has since enlarged to include asbestos and silica. Silica is quite a new standard coming out that will impact states where not much B Reading is required. Florida is an example: a primary group of people subject to pneumoconiosis from silica are people working in the concrete industry.

The Center for Disease Control and NIOSH has created a standard B Reading type form as a simple baseline format for all B Readers to delineate what quality of study it is and analyze the possibility of parenchymal or pleural abnormalities. If some abnormalities are found, a determination must be made for whether there are any other disease processes and whether the patient should see their physician about further action. This standard B Reading form was designed to create a standardization so that any certified B Reader can interpret a patient’s x-ray with accuracy and certainty.