Your practice may be in violation of New York law

Many national teleradiology companies are LLCs or corporations with non-medical ownership. The providers they serve are in violation of this New York State law. Under New York State law, professional services can only be offered within a professional service corporation (“PC”) or a professional limited liability company (“PLLC”).  Simply put, a teleradiology company offering radiology reads in the state of New York must be a PC or PLLC owned by licensed radiologists. 

We at Premier partner with a professional service corp, Flex Radiology PC, that serves our New York state customers. Flex Radiology PC is joint-owned by Jonathan Luchs-MD and Dr.  Kenneth Fortgang-MD and provides the same ^premier customer care you expect from ^Premier Radiology.

For more information, see this New York Health Law Blog post or the actual Corporate Practice of the Professions report from the NY State Board of Regents. We want to answer any questions you might have and ensure your practice is not in violation of these laws. Contact us today to learn more.