Premier Radiology Services

Fast and Reliable Teleradiology Services with Premier Care

Deliver Premier Patient Care

We offer fast and reliable reads from our network of US based American Board Certified radiologists who have extensive experience with sub-specialized knowledge. Additionally, our customer care coordinators will become an extension of your practice with 24/7 communication access and fast follow-up.

  • Average turnaround time less than one hour for “Stat” cases and 12 hours for routine studies
  • Accurate, reliable reads from American Board certified US based, specialized radiologists 

Expand your services, cut your costs

Using Premier will help you avoid the high costs of maintaining sub-specialty radiologists:  

  • Lack of radiologists on call
  • Slow turnaround times
  • Considerably less accurate readings
  • Study accountability

After a formal evaluation, we’ll provide an affordable solution scaled to fit the specific needs of your practice. We help you cut the overhead costs of scans and allow you to grow your business to serve more satisfied patients. 

Bridge your coverage gaps with the Premier Portal

Our user-friendly and streamlined web portal provides a solution for advanced, sub-specialty interpretations, occupational medicine, mobile, urgent care, x-ray, NIOSH-certified B-reads, age of injury (AOI) reports, MSK ultrasounds, and 24/7 access to our radiologists.

  • Sub-specialty and Routine Interpretations
  • B-reads
  • Age of Injury
  • Second Opinions 

Mobile Radiology Solutions, with Flex Teleradiology Powered by Premier

See what Flex can do for your mobile teleradiology services. 

Top Radiologists Offering Premier Services​

We offer fast and reliable reads from our network of U.S. Board-certified, fellowship-trained radiologists who have extensive knowledge and practice.

Age of Injury Reporting
NIOSH Certified


Supported Modalities

  • PET: Positron Emission Tomography
  • MR: Magnetic Resonance
  • CT: Computed Tomography
  • NM: Nuclear Medicine (Cardiac/Non-Cardiac)
  • US: Ultrasound Studies (general/vascular/arterial)
  • MM: Mammography

Premier Radiology Services is Premier Because Customers' Needs Always Come First

Lagniappe at Premier

It's Fun and Unexpected to Get a Little Something Extra

Lagniappe is a Creole term that translates to “a little something extra.” Premier strives to deliver that by offering the speed and efficiency of modern teleradiology combined with the compassion and care of in-house expertise with the utmost importance for each patient as they go through the Premier process.

Curious how it all began? Founders Drew Gaudet & Gil Patino share all. 

Dedicated Team Members to Make Your Life Easier

With Premier Customer Service

Our on-call Customer Care Coordinators (C3) offer 24/7 troubleshooting and communication with the high-level knowledge and the familiarity that you would expect from a team member at your own practice.

Your C3 is the main point-person between your practice, our internal radiologists, and medical transcriptionists to ensure that all cases and reports are characterized by quick turnaround times and consistent follow-ups on cases and reports.

Continuity of Care... Because Your Patients Deserve It.

With Premier Patient Care

By offering sub-specialty expertise and 24/7 customer service with mobile access to our clients, we are ensuring that doctors receive the most accurate, up-to-date, and custom-built results for patients in real time.

Premier keeps you connected with consistent care within our expansive network of radiologists. If special needs arise, such as time-sensitive results, our team works tirelessly to follow through and exceed the expectations of your patients as your doctors deliver results faster.

Premier Delivers Efficiency, Simplicity, Speed

With Premier continuity of care and less than one-hour average turnaround times, doctors can deliver “direction of care” more quickly and patients can rest easy sooner.

How it Works:

Set Up the Premier Portal

Our user-friendly streamlined report retrieval portal provides safe, secure, and HIPPA-compliant and mobile-optimized technology for quick and accurate turnarounds, 24/7 customer service, and personal, individualized care for your practice and patients.

Gain 24/7, 365-day Service

We provide timely results for your office so you can ensure swift and efficient care for your patients. Through our portal, you’ll have access to 24/7 radiology and cardiology services with an average turnaround of less than one hour on reads. Nights, weekends, and holidays are no exceptionyou can rely on us any day, any hour, year-round.

Access Radiology Education

We offer top-notch, high-level resources through our knowledge database, online radiology dictionary, and industry-relevant, up-to-date blog posts. With our radiology education, you can stay in touch with what’s new and advance your education in tandem with our services.  

Ready to expand your services And cut your costs?

Bridge your coverage gaps With Premier Teleradiology.

Drew Gaudet & Gil Patino, Founding Partners

The Origins of Premier & Lagniappe

Established 2006

They say when you love what you do, you will always find success. Premier co-founders Drew Gaudet and Gil Patino began as just two men and a truck who were working to build a business. As established professionals who had worked in various corners of the industry, they knew there had to be a better way to solve the gaps and inefficiencies that were persistent in the field of radiology: operational shortcomings, slow turnaround times, and even inaccurate readings. They aimed to leverage their knowledge and improve the system by creating faster turnaround times paired with streamlined, efficient, and modern technology. Teleradiologists told them: “If you can read our scans faster, you can win our business.”

They had to fine-tune their business to retain their clients in the growing and competitive field of teleradiology. That’s where the concept of Lagniappe began: Lagniappe translates to that “little something extra,” which Premier delivers as the bonus or addition to the quality services their clients already receive. Lagniappe quickly became the foundation of their business model, as they vowed to keep customer service at the forefront. With this mindset, business exploded. It has continued to grow in success through the satisfaction of the Premier clientele.

Sacrifice Nothing

Be the Hero Who Cuts Overhead and Expands Services

What if you could have the best of both worlds: the modern efficiency of a cost-effective teleradiology service combined with the knowledge and expertise of dedicated, compassionate, in-house professionals? With Premier Radiology Services, all of that is possible. Our fast and reliable technology will help you cut overhead service costs, obtain accurate results with quick turnaround times, perform advanced sub-speciality services, and receive 24/7 access to information from our educated on-call coordinators.

Don’t settle.

Would your doctors treat more patients with report turnaround times under an hour?

When it comes to delivering pertinent medical results, Premier knows that doctors and patients deserve to have these answers as fast as possible without sacrificing accuracy. That’s why our average turnaround time is one hour or less. Premier’s pledge to go the extra mile for your team allows you to provide the highest level of care for your patients.

Give yourself the convenience and efficiency of modern technology and specialized customer care. By choosing Premier for your teleradiology needs, you will be able to reduce costs and simplify everyday business practices, while providing more specialized services your patients deserve.