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Premier Radiology Services

At Premier Radiology Services, we aim to provide you with the most advanced, customized service tailored specifically to fit your business. After conducting an on-site evaluation, we’ll provide an affordable solution scaled to fit the distinct needs of your employees so that they can prioritize the optimal care and solutions for your patients. Scroll down for an overview of the specialized Teleradiology services we offer!

  • Professional Interpretation, Consultation and Direction for all Imaging Modalities
  • Final reports electronically signed
  • Onsite Procedural Staffing
  • Onsite Workflow analysis and recommendations
  • Custom Technology Solutions designed to minimize cost
  • HIPAA compliant hardware and software applications (PACS/RIS).

24/7 Service

Radiology & Cardiology Services.

24/7 Access

Mobile Access & Medical Director Access.

24/7 Support

Customer Support that never sleeps.

Average turnaround times

Average Read Turnaround Time: Less than One Hour

When it comes to delivering pertinent medical results, Premier knows that doctors and patients deserve to have these answers as fast as possible, without sacrificing accuracy. That’s why our average turnaround time is one hour or less. Premier’s pledge to go the extra mile for your team allows you to provide the highest level of care for your patients. Read more about customer care

Operational Efficiency

Partnering with Premier means that you’re partnering with the most competitive talent the radiology industry has to offer. Our expansive network of sub-specialty expertise will allow you to serve your patients with the most comprehensive care that they deserve. Sub-specialists at Premier will ensure higher accuracy in the interpretations of your image readings, allowing you to increase your scans per week and acquire a greater influx of patients.

Not only will you receive accurate readings from our sub-specialists, you’ll be guaranteed that our technology is functioning at the highest level so that your business can run as efficiently as possible. With us, you won’t have to worry about equipment failures or slow turn-around times. We offer 24/7, 365-Day nationwide access to our on-call specialists, operating with the same level of familiarity and insight as a local practitioner.

+ Teleradiology Technology

It’s the 21st century—why pay more for less operational efficiency, slower reads, and faulty functions in technology? The short answer? You shouldn’t. Teleradiology serves to lower the overhead costs of your business so that you can extend your budget elsewhere. Our Premier Portal offers a secure, streamlined, web entry that is mobile-friendly to relay notifications regarding the status of each patient scan. With an average turn-around time of one hour, you can rest assured knowing that your patients won’t remain in limbo as they wait for an important diagnosis to come in.

Subspecialized Radiologists
US-Based Nationwide Redundant State Licensed

With over 10 years of subspecialty experience, Premier Radiology Services has built a brand that you can trust, and a brand that your patients can rely on. We make your business a personal matter, and pride ourselves in a premier level of care that you can’t find elsewhere. Our services differ from other tele-radiology companies in the ^continuity of care we provide with patient imaging.

Our board-certified Radiologists are fellowship trained in the following sub-specialties.

  • Body Imaging
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Neurological
  • Women’s Imaging
  • Interventional
Fast and Reliable Teleradiology Services

Urgent Care/ Occupational Medicine
Are your radiology reads taking the urgency out of your urgent care?

Your patients shouldn’t have to wait for important medical information, and with Premier’s help – you don’t have to make them. Small staff and a lack of dedicated funds can impede on your clinic from being everything it could be. Is your business meeting or exceeding the expectations of it’s patients? Partnering with Premier Radiology Services empowers your clinic to achieve greater success, through our 24/7 radiology and cardiology services, and 24/7 mobile access and customer support.

Does your clinic lack the staff or funds to offer the patient support and customer service that you know you desire? At Premier, average read turnaround time is under just one hour. This is a promise that every urgent care clinic should be able to make to their patients. Our commitment to you is a commitment you can make to your community.

Multi-Modality Imaging Centers
Are your radiology services built to be as flexible as your business?

At Premier, we understand the needs of small business. In fact, we used to be one. From our humble beginnings, our goal was always to fill a gap in the market that needed to be filled. This goal led to our commitment to not only providing premier 24/7 services, but more importantly – a premier level of care to our customers that you cannot find elsewhere. We will always go the extra step to make sure that by taking care of you, your patients can also feel the benefit of the premier advantage. There may be many factors playing a role in preventing your business from running like it should be. Whatever the reason – you may not currently have the means to serve your patients in the way that the market demands. Are you fast? Flexible? Versatile? Do you have the coverage you need to guarantee consistent service? How long will you wait to take your business to the next level?

Premier specialists are standing by 24/7 to tell you all about the ways that we can serve and help grow your business.